• August 27, 2014


    Photo by: Ryan Russell

    Minus the Bear is heading out on an intimate tour this fall in honor of the release of Lost Loves and to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of They Make Beer Commercials Like This. Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to announce reissues of They Make Beer Commercials Like This, along with 2007’s Planet of Ice (see Brooklyn Vegan debut).

    "Pop" is a tag that’s been assigned to Minus The Bear throughout their career. It’s been used to set a distinction between the unique brand of complex indie rock they introduced on their first EP and the more angular and aggravated sounds of their previous bands Botch, Kill Sadie, and Sharks Keep Moving. It’s also a tag that was thrown around frequently in the wake of their streamlined fourth album, OMNI. And it’s a descriptor that immediately comes to mind within the first few seconds of their classic second formal EP, They Make Beer Commercials Like This. Now celebrating its 10-year anniversary and first time in print since 2011, Beer Commercials is the evolutionary step between Minus The Bear’s first two landmark albums, Highly Refined Pirates and Menos El Oso. Opening track “Fine + 2 Points” remains one of the band’s strongest opening tracks in their discography, charging out of the gates with a syncopated stomp that comes across as a more agitated take on Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Outta My Head”. If Minus The Bear were looking to make pop music without any of its major-scale bubblegum trappings, they nailed it here. The band follows it with “Let’s Play Clowns” and “Dog Park”-nods to Highly Refined Pirates’ formula of frenetic clean guitar work, bombastic choruses, and Jake Snider’s lyrics of detached romantic nostalgia. These tracks may represent Minus The Bear’s original trademark version of pop, but on songs like “I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien” the band eschews it’s restless energy for atmosphere and dynamics, creating a sound that’s inspired more than a handful of contemporary melodic post-rock bands. By the time the band belts out “Pony Up!” the listener has watched the three-year sonic transition between Minus The Bear’s first two full-lengths transpire within under half-an-hour, with the their earlier math rock predilections yielding to the tightly wound club-banging pedalboard trickery that defined their sophomore album. Even if Beer Commercials doesn’t fit within your definition of pop music, the unorthodox energetic charm of this relatively low-profile release serves as an exciting reminder of why Minus The Bear became one of the most important and influential indie rock bands of the new century.


    Following the success of Highly Refined Pirates’ forward-thinking guitar gymnastics and Menos El Oso’s groundbreaking glitch rock, Seattle’s premier pop revisionists Minus The Bear dug into some of rock music’s most ostentatious years for inspiration for their 2007 album, Planet of Ice. While their earlier material found the band absorbing and repurposing the virtuosic dexterity of math rock, the airtight sonic manipulations of turn-of-the-century IDM, the drum and bass groove of contemporary R&B, and the cerebral pop foundations of Television and The Police, the band prepped for their third full-length by immersing themselves in prog legends, jazz rock mavericks, and other audiophile heroes of the ’70s. The title alone conjures images of Yes’s ‘Relayer’ album art, and the influence of the elder statesmen’s symphonic scope can be felt throughout Planet of Ice’s lush and intricate arrangements. You can also hear the band channel the ominous instrumental interplay of Lamb-era Genesis on “Dr. L’Ling”, the deceptively savvy musicianship and pristine production of Steely Dan on “White Mystery”, and the tightrope walk between ethereal space and pre-metal riffage of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” on “Lotus”. Not that Minus The Bear completely abandoned their earlier style-elements of Menos El Oso’s sample-driven technique can be heard on the lead single “Knights”. But the heart of the song ultimately belongs to the haunting Fripp-esque guitar lines spliced between verses. After being out of print on record since 2010, Suicide Squeeze is proud to reintroduce Planet of Ice’s creative marriage of classic motifs and modern musical wizardry with a vinyl remaster courtesy of Bernie Grundman.


    Minus the Bear Tour Dates:
    SAT SEP 20 - West Hollywood CA, Sunset Strip Music Festival w/ Crosses, Kaiser (TICKETS)
    TUE OCT 14 - Pittsburgh PA, Club Cafe w/ O’Brother (VIP) (TICKETS)
    WED OCT 15 - Brooklyn NY, Saint Vitus
    THU OCT 16 - Boston MA, The Sinclair w/ O’Brother (VIP) (TICKETS)
    FRI OCT 17 - New York NY, Gramercy Theatre w/ O’Brother (VIP) (TICKETS)
    SAT OCT 18 - Philadelphia PA, Underground Arts - Wolf Building w/ O’Brother (VIP) (TICKETS)
    SUN OCT 19 - Washington DC, Rock & Roll Hotel w/ O’Brother (VIP) (TICKETS)
    TUE OCT 21 - Cleveland OH, Grog Shop w/ Young Widows (VIP) (TICKETS)
    WED OCT 22 - Detroit MI, Magic Stick w/ Young Widows (VIP) (TICKETS)
    THU OCT 23 - Chicago IL, Bottom Lounge w/ Young Widows (VIP) (TICKETS)
    FRI OCT 24 - Minneapolis MN, Triple Rock w/ Young Widows (VIP) (TICKETS)
    SAT OCT 25 - Des Moines IA, Wooly’s w/ Young Widows (VIP) (TICKETS)
    MON OCT 27 - Denver CO, Marquis Theatre (VIP) (TICKETS)
    SAT NOV 1 - Seattle WA, The Crocodile w/ Mansions (VIP) (TICKETS)
    THU NOV 20 - San Francisco CA, Slim’s w/ Mansions (VIP) (TICKETS)
    FRI NOV 21 - San Diego CA, Casbah w/ Mansions (VIP) (TICKETS)
    SAT NOV 22 - Pomona CA, Glass House w/ Mansions (VIP) (TICKETS)
    SUN NOV 23 - San Luis Obispo CA, SLO Brewing Company w/ Mansions (VIP) (TICKETS)

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  • July 20, 2014




    Suicide Squeeze Records and Slumberland Records are proud to join together to re-release all three albums from seminal indie ­pop band The Aislers Set (see Pitchfork). The albums have been re­mastered and in the case of How I Learned To Write Backwards re­-sequenced. All three will feature new eco-­friendly CD packaging and will be available on vinyl LP for the first time in at least a decade. Furthermore, the band will play a select set of West Coast shows this Fall, and a new album of singles and rarities is being prepared for release in early 2015.

    The How I Learned to Write Backwards LP is available in a limited pressing of 1,000 copies on 180 gram Translucent Green Vinyl. A digital download card for MP3s is included.


    The Aislers Set occupy an enviable place in the pop pantheon. Brimming with drunken romanticism, sharp pop sensibilities and timeless melodies, The Aislers reveled in the history of great POP, spiking their classicist 60s­-tinged tunes with pure post­-punk energy and originality of bands like the Fire Engines and The June Brides. Every song is a meticulously constructed sound world, where the arrangement and instrumentation sublimely, uncannily bring each tune to completeness.

    The Aislers Set began in 1998 as a vehicle for the songs of Amy Linton, who had most recently co-­led San Francisco’s legendary Henry’s Dress and drummed in Go Sailor with her pal Rose Melberg. With Henry’s Dress she had helped guide the band from it’s noise/drone beginnings to the explosive mod/punk fusion that made them such a force to be reckoned with. With The Aislers Set the original goal was just to write, record and document.

    The result was the first Aislers Set album, 1998’s Terrible Things Happen. Not content to merely (!) write some of the most sublime pop tunes this side of Ray Davies, Linton got busy in her garage studio and recorded and produced almost the whole record by herself. It’s a remarkable feat, and a love for such producers as Phil Spector and Brian Wilson shines from each and every groove. This is no shameless 60’s pastiche, though, with the echoes of classic pop past filtered through a totally 90’s aesthetic. It’s a beautiful, multi-layered record and a genuinely great achievement of home recording.

    During the course of recording Terrible Things Happen, Linton was joined by some friends who became the full­-band Aislers Set line­up: Alicia Vanden Heuvel on bass, Yoshi Nakamoto on drums, Wyatt Cusick on guitar and Jen Cohen on keyboards. It’s this fantastic line­up that toured the US and Japan in 1999 and put together the second album, 2000’s The Last Match. Where Terrible Things Happen’s synthesis of 60s mod-pop, 70s punk and 80s/90s indie flavors provided an end-­of­-the­-century summation of where pop had been and where it was heading, The Last Match upped the ante even further.

    More ambitious in conception, The Last Match expanded the band’s sound into more orchestral areas. While the songs are still driving and catchy as a fish hook, the arrangements are far more sophisticated. The instrumentation has been augmented by Jen’s vintage keyboards/organs and various horns, giving the tunes the timeless feel of classic groups like the early Bee Gees, The Zombies and The Millennium. Still preferring to record in the garage where they were allowed unlimited time for experimentation, the band had no problem crafting an amazing sounding album that could have sprung fully-formed from the hallowed studios of Gold Star. This is no murky lo­-fi production, but a fully­ rounded and rich ­sounding recording with a warm, analog sound.

    The Last Match was a roaring success, garnering fantastic reviews and spurring the band to tour the US, Japan and UK multiple times, with bands (and fans) including Belle & Sebastian, Black Dice, The Gossip, Erase Errata, Comet Gain and Sleater­-Kinney. The band even achieved the ultimate badge of indie honor, recording a session for the legendary John Peel. Even more, The Last Match established The Aislers Set as one of the most beloved indie­ pop bands of their generation. It was a must­ listen album, one that fueled fond memories, sparked love affairs, set off spontaneous dance parties, and reminded us all of the power of songs and song­craft and POP. It’s chiming guitars and indelible melodies were heard everywhere from London to Tokyo, from Glasgow to Malmo: with The Last Match, The Aislers truly came into their own.

    2003 saw the release of the band’s final album, How I Learned To Write Backwards. At once more baroque and edgier than its predecessor, How I Learned To Write Backwards expertly wound together so many strands of pop history with such personality, atmosphere and style that there’s never any doubt that you’re listening to a band with vision. Far from being a “name the reference” game, The Aislers used the past as inspiration rather than a blueprint, so the echoes you might hear of, say, Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound or Laura Nyro’s soulful lyricism are so well­ integrated into the Aislers’ sound that they’re more akin to the spice in the stew rather than the stock of the soup.

    While the band had stopped playing and recording together by 2004 thanks to life commitments, their reputation has only grown and sporadic reunion shows, most recently in NYC for the Chickfactor 20 celebration, have met with rapturous response.

    Terrible Things Happen and The Last Match are available from Slumberland.

    LISTEN / POST: "Emotional Levy" by The Aislers Set

    Tour Dates:
    MON SEP 22 - Seattle WA, Neumos (TICKETS)
    TUE SEP 23 - Portland OR, Holocene (TICKETS)
    FRI SEP 26 - Los Angeles CA, The Echoplex (TICKETS)
    SUN SEP 28 - San Francisco CA, The Chapel (TICKETS)


    The Aislers Set
    How I Learned to Write Backwards*
    October 14, 2014

    1. Catherine Says
    2. Emotional Levy
    3. Languor in the Balcony
    4. Mission Bells
    5. Melody Not Malaise
    6. The Train #1
    7. Attraction Action Reaction
    8. The Train # 2
    9. Through the Swells
    10. Unfinished Paintings
    11. Sara’s Song

    *Remastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles, CA. Resequenced by Linton and Kenji Kitahama.

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  • June 23, 2014





    Wallet CD printed on uncoated stock w/ copper foil and printed inner sleeve. 2xLP Gatefold jacket printed on uncoated stock w/ copper foil and printed inner sleeves. The 2xLP is available in a limited pressing of 3,000 copies on custom copper vinyl and includes a download card for MP3s. T-Shirt printed on American Apparel.


    Since 2004, This Will Destroy You has been forging some of the world’s most brutal, dynamic, and precariously visceral instrumental rock. In addition to a vigorous tour schedule, their celebrated discography and critically renowned soundtrack work for feature films and documentaries have earned them a sizable and fervent international following. Another Language, TWDY’s fourth full length LP, marks their euphonious return from a prolonged vacuous dark period that threatened to break both the band and the members themselves. Rather than be stifled by their experience TWDY were atomized and subsequently made anew, emerging with a revived energy and reinforced sense of solidarity. As a result, Another Language captures the band at its most potent, honed, and utterly powerful form yet, displaying an edified unity and graduated sense of song-writing, tonal complexity, and studio prowess.

    LISTEN/POST: "Dustism" by This Will Destroy You

    Tour Dates:
    FRI AUG 29 - Bristol UK, ArcTanGent Festival (TICKETS)
    MON SEP 1 - Glasgow UK, Mono (TICKETS)
    TUE SEP 2 - Manchester UK, Deaf Institute (TICKETS)
    WED SEP 3 - London UK, Scala (TICKETS)
    THU SEP 4 - Brighton UK, The Haunt (TICKETS)
    FRI SEP 5 - Paris FR, Petit Bain (TICKETS)
    SAT SEP 6 - Ghent BL, Dok (TICKETS)
    SUN SEP 7 - Maastricht NL, Bruis Festival (TICKETS)
    MON SEP 8 - Hamburg DE, Hafenklang (TICKETS)
    TUE SEP 9 - Berlin DE, Bi Nuu (TICKETS)
    WED SEP 10 - Leipzig DE, Conne Island (TICKETS)
    FRI SEP 12 - Aarhus DK, Postfest
    WED SEP 17 - Warsaw PL, Klub Hydrozagadka (TICKETS)
    THU SEP 18 - Bratislava SK, Batelier Club (TICKETS)
    FRI SEP 19 - Tilburg NL, Incubate Festival (TICKETS)
    SAT SEP 20 - St. Gallen CH, Grabenhalle (TICKETS)
    SUN SEP 21 - Fribourg CH, Fri-Son (TICKETS)
    MON SEP 22 - Innsbruck AT, PMK (TICKETS)
    TUE SEP 23 - Padova IT, Mame
    WED SEP 24 - Rome IT, Circolo degli Artisti
    THU SEP 25 - Milan IT, Leoncavallo
    FRI SEP 26 - Zurich CH, Bogen F (TICKETS)
    TUE OCT 21 - Dallas TX, The Kessler Theater*
    WED OCT 22 - Houston TX, Fitzgerald’s*^
    THU OCT 23 - Norman OK, The Opolis*^
    FRI OCT 24 - St. Louis MO, Firebird*^
    SAT OCT 25 - Chicago IL, Lincoln Hall*^
    SUN OCT 26 - Grand Rapids MI, Pyramid Scheme*^
    MON OCT 27 - Cleveland OH, Grog Shop*^
    TUE OCT 28 - Toronto ON, Lee’s Palace*^
    WED OCT 29 - Buffalo NY, Tralf*^
    THU OCT 30 - Allston MA, Brighton Music Hall*^
    FRI OCT 31 - New York NY, The Bowery Ballroom*^
    SAT NOV 1 - Philadelphia PA, First Unitarian Church*^
    SUN NOV 2 - Washington DC, U Street Music Hall*^
    MON NOV 3 - Carrboro NC, Cat’s Cradle - Backroom*^
    TUE NOV 4 - Atlanta GA, The Masquerade - Hell*^
    WED NOV 5 - Birmingham AL, WorkPlay Theater*^
    THU NOV 6 - New Orleans LA, One Eyed Jacks*^
    SUN NOV 9 - Austin TX, Fun Fun Fun Fest (TICKETS)
    * w/ Future Death
    ^ w/ Silent Land Time Machine


    This Will Destroy You
    Another Language
    September 16, 2014

    1. New Topia
    2. Dustism
    3. Serpent Mound
    4. War Prayer
    5. The Puritan
    6. Mother Opiate
    7. Invitation
    8. Memory Loss
    9. God’s Teeth

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  • June 19, 2014




    The early years of a solo folk artist’s work typically yield their most deeply personal, intimate, and—as is often consequently the case—strongest work. The singer-songwriter brave enough to eschew a full-band scenario usually has a whole symphony’s worth of soul to channel through little more than a voice and a solitary instrument. Subsequent albums might expand to enlist string sections and session players to round out the songs, but on those first recordings, it’s acknowledged that the naked simplicity of a few well-chosen chords and a handful of resonant stanzas is enough to captivate the listener. Kevin Morby is still in the early stages of his solo venture, but his work carries that intensely personal power of the humble beginnings of many classic American folk and indie singers. Having established his musical foundation in the trippy roots rock of Woods and rough-hewn Brooklyn party pop of The Babies, Morby stepped out on his own to release his lauded debut album Harlem River in 2013. His next offering comes in the way of a two-song My Name 7” EP courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records. Both the title track and b-side “We Did It All Wrong” simultaneously conjure the haunting heartache of an Anthology of American Folk Music ballad and the reverb-and-smoke-drenched haze of his contemporary indie peers.

    The My Name 7” is available worldwide in a limited pressing of 750 copies (250 on green vinyl, 500 on black) including a download card for mp3s. 

    Listen/Post: "My Name" by Kevin Morby

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    The Coathangers aka the road warriors, announce another full on North American tour which kicks off this week in Athens, GA at THE LEGENDARY 40 WATT, and steers them to co-headlinine Burger-a-go-go Fest with Dum Dum Girls, Bleached, Best Coast and Shannon and the Clams. Their fourth full length, Suck My Shirt (out now on Suicide Squeeze Records) is a hard hitter - spikey, jarring guitar riffs, raspy vocals and solid melodic hooks.  If you haven’t yet - you’ve gotta catch their rowdy, house-show vibe performance that showcases the ladies’
    alluring spontaneity and happy accidents of earlier releases yet proves the (now) trio to be as far more deliberate and locked-in than ever!


     6/20: Athfest - Athens, GA
    6/21: Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Brooklyn, NY 
    6/26: Mothlight - Asheville, NC 
    6/27: Tin Roof - Charleston, SC   
    6/28: The Jinx - Savannah, GA 
    6/29: Liberty Bar - Tallahassee, FL 
    6/30: Underbelly - Jacksonville, FL 
    7/2: Will’s Pub - Orlando, FL 
    7/3: Crowbar - Tampa, FL 
    7/4: Will Call - Miami, FL 
    7/5: The Atlantic - Gainesville, FL 
    7/7: Nobby’s - St. Augustine, FL 
    7/24: Siberia - New Orleans, LA
    7/25: Fitzgerald’s - Houston, TX
    7/26: Red 7 - Austin, TX
    7/27: Club Dada - Dallas, TX
    7/28: Ten Eleven - San Antonio, TX
    7/30: Sisters - Albuquerque, NM
    7/31: 191 Warehouse - Tucson, AZ #
    8/1: Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
    8/2: Burger-a-Go-Go - Los Angeles, CA $
    8/6: The Echo - Los Angeles, CA
    8/10: Santa Rosa, CA w/ Pizza Punx
    8/11: Don Quixote’s - Santa Cruz, CA
    8/12: Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, CA
    8/13: Holland Project - Reno, NV
    8/14: Doug Fir - Portland, OR
    8/15: Cobalt - Vancouver, BC
    8/16: Pizza Fest @ The Highline - Seattle, WA
    8/18: Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
    8/19: Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO
    8/20: Czar Bar - Kansas City, MO
    8/21: Firebird - St. Louis, MO
    8/23: JJ’s Bohemia - Chattanooga, TN
    9/5: Andy Animal’s Meltasia - LaFayette, GA %

     # - w/ Ceremony and Nothing
    $ - w/ Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, Bleached, Shannon and the Clams
    % - Black Lips, Shannon and the Clams

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  • May 23, 2014



    7” $3 / CD $5 / LP $10 / Tapes $3

    The Aislers Set “How I Learned to Write Backwards” {CD}
    Audacity “Finders Keepers” {7”}
    Audacity “Butter Knife” {CD} {LP} {CS}
    Julianna Barwick “Pacing” {7”}
    Chin Up Chin Up “This Harness Can’t Ride Anything” {CD}
    The Coathangers “Scramble” {CD} {CS}
    The Coathangers “143 (Dan Deacon remix)” {7”}
    The Coathangers “Larceny & Old Lace” {CD} {LP} {CS}
    The Coathangers / Heavy Cream “Merry Go Round” {7”}
    The Coathangers / Audacity “Adderall” {7”}
    The Coathangers “Suck My Shirt” {CD} {LP}
    Cotton Jones “Paranoid Cocoon” {CD}
    Cotton Jones “Tall Hours in the Glowstream” {CD}
    Crystal Skulls “Blocked Numbers” {CD}
    Crystal Skulls “Outgoing Behavior” {CD}
    Destruction Unit “Two Strong Hits” {7”}
    Gap Dream “Ali Baba” {7”}
    Goon Moon “I Got A Brand New Egg Layin’ Machine” {CD} {LP}
    Headphones “Headphones” {CD}
    HEALTH “Perfect Skin” {7”}
    Hella “Bitches Ain’t Shit But Good People” {CD}
    Hella “Church Gone Wild / Chirpin Hard” {CD}
    Hint Hint “Young Days” {CD}
    Human Highway “Moody Motorcycle” {CD} {LP}
    The Magic Magicians “Girls” {CD}
    The Magic Magicians “The Magic Magicians” {CD}
    Meat Market “Too Tired” {7”}
    Metal Hearts “Socialize” {CD}
    Minus the Bear “This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic” {CD} {LP} {CS}
    Minus the Bear “Highly Refined Pirates” {CD} {CS}
    Minus the Bear “Bands Like it When You Yell ‘YAR’ at Them” {CD}
    Minus the Bear “Menos El Oso” {CD}
    Minus the Bear “Interpretaciones del Oso” {CD}
    Minus the Bear “Planet of Ice” {CD}
    Minus the Bear “They Make Beer Commercials Like This” {CD}
    Minus the Bear “Acoustics II” {LP}
    Eugene Mirman “The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman” {CD}
    Modest Mouse / 764-Hero “Whenever You See Fit” {CD}
    Numerators “Dead” {7”}
    Nü Sensae “Sundowning” {CD} {LP}
    Page France “Hello, Dear Wind” {CD}
    Page France “Tomato Morning Tour EP” {CD}
    Page France “…and the Family Telephone” {CD} {LP}
    Past Lives “Strange Symmetry” {CD} {LP}
    Past Lives “Tapestry of Webs” {CD} {LP}
    Peace “The World Is Too Much With Us” {LP}
    Pedro the Lion “Progress” {CD}
    Red Stars Theory “Red Stars Theory” {CD}
    Russian Circles “Station” {CD}
    Russian Circles “Geneva” {CD}
    S “Puking and Crying” {CD}
    sBACH “sBACH” {CD}
    Six Parts Seven “Things Shaped in Passing” {CD}
    Six Parts Seven “Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs” {CD}
    Six Parts Seven “[Everywhere] [and Right Here]” {CD}
    Six Parts Seven “Casually Smashed to Pieces” {CD}
    Elliott Smith “Division Day” {CD}
    Elliott Smith “Pretty (Ugly Before)” {7”}
    Tammar “Visits” {CD} {LP}
    These Arms Are Snakes “Tail Swallower & Dove” {CD}
    This Will Destroy You “Tunnel Blanket” {CD} {2xLP}
    The Unicorns “2014” {CD}
    Various Artists “Slaying Since 1996” {CD}
    Various Artists “SSR Presents: Forever Singles” {LP} {CS}
    Various Artists “Fort George EP” {7”}
    We Ragazzi “Wolves With Pretty Lips” {CD}
    White Woods “Where Did You Go” {7”}
    White Woods “Big Talking” {7”}

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  • May 22, 2014


    Things have been a little quiet in the camp of Portland, Oregon’s surf-punk miscreants Guantanamo Baywatch. Granted, they’ve released two sold-out split 7”s on their new label, Suicide Squeeze Records (one with Tennessee’s pleasantly stoned Southern rockers Natural Child, one with Oakland’s lo-fi golden-oldies revivalists Shannon & The Clams) in the past 12 months. But it’s been two years since we’ve received a full-length dosage of the trio’s lusty combination of The Ventures’ tremolo-picked twang, The Mummies’ trashy barrage, and Hasil Adkins’ deviant Americana. And unless you live in the City of Roses, it’s unlikely that you’ve recently bore witness Baywatch’s debauchery.
    It’s time to fix all of that. Guantanamo Baywatch is packing up for a summer tour that takes them out to Atlanta, Georgia, where they’ll be recording their first full-length for Suicide Squeeze at Living Room Recording with Ed Rawls (Black Lips, The Coathangers, Curtis Harding). Along the way, they’ll be making pit stops in a few select cities to unfurl their beach blanket bordello on stage. Guantanamo Baywatch’s upcoming album is slated for release in early 2015.

    LISTEN/POST: Love Kin
    Tour Dates:
    May 23 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios (w/ the Growlers)
    May 27 - Portland, OR - Portland State University
    Jun. 11 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir (w/ Tomorrow’s Tulips)
    Jun. 20 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
    Jun. 21 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
    Jun. 22 - San Pedro, CA - Harold’s Place
    Jun. 25 - Tempe, AZ - Yucca Tap Room
    Jun. 26 - El Paso, TX - Black Market
    Jun. 27 - Austin, TX - Hotel Vegas
    Jun. 28 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
    Jul. 05 - Jacksonville, FL - Underbelly
    Jul. 12 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone
    Jul. 15 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive
    Jul. 16 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
    Jul. 17 - Las Vegas, NV - Beauty Bar
    Jul. 18 - Los Angeles, CA - Moonpad (w/ Audacity)

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